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In 1993 , during the grape harvest at sun-drenched Chteau Smith Haut Lafitte in Bordeaux , Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas had a chance encounter with Dr.Vercauteren , professor at the University of Pharmacy .From that moment on they started working together to research ways these precious ingredients could be used in skincare and , in 1995 Caudalie was born – along with its beautiful range of natural products.<br /> <br /> <strong><a href="">Caudalie-Paris Website </a></strong>


Vinosource SOS thirst quenching serum tin set
Beauty elixir - 100 ml
Beauty elixir - 100 ml
Beauty Elixir Jason Wu 30ml
Concentrated Brightening Essence - 150 mL
Contouring concentrate - 75 ml
Crushed Cabernet scrub - 150 g
Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Cream 75ml
Detox mask
Divine legs - 100 ml
Divine oil - 100 ml
Divine oil - 50 ml
Divine scrub - 150g
DUO Nourishing body lotion and shower gel
Figue de Vigne Fresh fragrance 50ml
Figue de Vigne shower gel - 200 mL
Fleur de Vigne Fresh fragrance - 50 ml
Fleur de Vigne instant foaming cleanser - 150 ml
Fleur de Vigne shower gel - 200ml
Foot beauty cream - 75 ml
Fresh Fragrance Rose De Vigne 50ml
Gentle Buffing Cream 75ml
Gentle cleansing milk - 100 ml
Gentle conditionning shampoo - 200 ml
Glycolic mask 75ml
Grape water - 200ml
Grape water - 75 mL
Hand and nail cream - 75 ml
Instant foaming cleanser - 50 ml
Lip conditioner - 4,5g
Make-up remover cleansing water - 100 ml
Make-up remover cleansing water - 200 ml
Make-up removing cleansing oil - 100 mL
Moisturizing cream mask - 75ML
Moisturizing toning lotion - 200 ml
Moisturizing toning lotion-100ml
Nourishing body lotion - 250 ml
Nourishing body lotion - 400 ml
Organic herbal tea - 30 g
Parfum Divin de Caudalie 50 ml
Premier Cru Elexir
Premier Cru Riche - 50 mL
Premier Cru set the eye cream March2018
Premier Cru the cream - 50 ml
Premier Cru the cream - 50 ml
Premier Cru the cream-50 ml
Premier Cru the eye cream - 15 ml
Premier Cru the eye cream-15 ml
Premier Cru the Precious Oil-29ml
Premier Cru the Rich cream-50 ml
Premier Cru the Serum-30ml
Premières Vendanges - 40 ml
Purifying mask - 75ML
Radiance Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20 Light
Radiance Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF20 Medium
Resveratrol Eye Lifting Blam - 15ml
Resveratrol Face Lifting Moisturizer Broad Spectr SPF20 40ml
Resveratrol face lifting soft cream 50 ml
Resveratrol Firming Serum 30ml
Resveratrol Lift set eye lifting balm March2018
Resveratrol Night Infusion Cream 50ml
Rose de vigne shower gel - 200 mL
Small Rose de vigne shower gel-50 ml
Soleil Divin anti-ageing face suncare SPF30 high UVB - 40ml
Soleil Divin anti-ageing face suncare SPF50 high UVB protection - 40ml
Teint Divin mineral bronzing powder - 10 g
Teint Divin mineral tinted moisturizer light to medium skin - 30ml
Teint Divin minéral tinted moisturizer medium to dark skin - 30ml
Thé des vignes Fresh fragrance - 50ml
Thé des vignes shower gel - 200 ml
Trio Hand and nail cream set 17
Vinactiv Serum - 30 mL
Vine body butter
VineActiv 3 in 1 moisturizer 40 ml
VineActiv energizing and smoothing eye cream 15 ml
VineActiv eye set March2018
VineActiv overnight detox oil 30 ml
Vinexpert dietary supplements - 30 caps
Vinoperfect cell renewal night cream - 40 ml
Vinoperfect radiance moisturizing lotion SP20
Vinoperfect radiance serum complexion correcting - 30 ml
Vinosource intense moisture rescue cream - 40 ml
Vinosource intense moisture rescue cream tin set  
Vinosource moisture recovery cream - 40 ml
Vinosource export set March2018
Vinosource hydration Set 17
Vinosource moisture recovery cream tin set  
Vinosource moisturizing matifying fluid - 40ml
Vinosource moisturizing matifying fluid tin set
Vinosource moisturizing sorbet - 40 ml
Vinosource Recovery oil 30 ml
Vinosource Recovery oil Tin set  
Vinosource SOS thirst quenching serum - 30ml
Winter Duo
Winter duo Rose de Vigne
Winter duo Thé des Vignes